Celebrity Nose Jobs Stories

While some celebrities like Ashely Tinsdale have agreed that they have undergone plastic surgery for better noses, some such as Ashlee Simpson prefer to keep this information private despite much public speculation. However, no matter what the celebrities say, or don’t say, about their new noses there are many photos that are available for comparison of their before and after looks. Some of the nose jobs have turned out great and make the celebrities look stunning (here) while others have had the opposite effect.

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While many celebrities have gone under the knife to get the nose of their dreams, many of them have claimed to have different reasons for undergoing the procedure:

To boost self-esteem – some celebrities have admitted to having their nose surgeries to make themselves feel better. One such celebrity is Rebeca Adlington, a retired Olympic swimmer. Over the years, Rebeca has continuously been taunted on air by different media personalities and on social media with many people telling her she looked like a dolphin. This messed with her esteem but she finally got a nose job that gave her more confidence with her looks.

For health reasons – this is the exact reason that made Jenifer Aniston undergo a nose surgery, or so she claims. The celebrity says that if she had a choice she would not have gone under the knife, preferring to age naturally. However, the celebrity had to undertake a nose job to allow her to breathe better. Of course, it helped that the new nose improved her otherwise good looks. Cameron Diaz also went through a nose procedure for the same reason.

For the sake of it – there are some celebrities that are always on the lookout for procedures that will enhance their looks, or help them age gracefully. Such celebrities do not necessarily need the surgery as they already look great but do it for the sake, maybe to satisfy some deep sated need that they may have, or to cheat age as many may put it.

One such celebrity is Kim Kardashian. Though Kim has severally denied nose job rumours, and did not need the nose job, the difference in her photos clearly indicates a rhinoplasty. Availability of money and the need to always look good will drive such celebrities to great lengths to obtain the look they need.

No matter the reasons behind their nose jobs, celebrities take seriously to the final product of their surgeries. Some few factors that help in getting good results after a nose job such as that of Ashlee Simpsons include getting a certified plastic surgeon that has great client feedback, taking all precautions to avoid unnecessary risks, being of proper mental and emotional health and ensuring you can afford all the costs associated with the surgery including the post-operative expenses.

All in all, good judgement and the right reason for a nose job will ensure that you get good results and are satisfied with the final product.

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Qualities of a Genuine Garcinia Cambogia Product

Garcina Cambogia pillsGarcinia Cambogia is a popular weight loss supplement which has helped many people shed lots of weight within short periods of time. When combined with good exercise and a healthy diet, you can be sure to get into shape and even maintain the new look. When the use of a weight loss supplement is not accompanied by these lifestyle changes, one can end up getting addicted to the pill if his desire is to look trim for the long term.

For one to reap the benefits of this weight loss product, you have to know how to tell a genuine product from a fake one. Since the weight loss pills are being hailed worldwide for their rapid results, it follows that many companies have resorted to their production. Some of these companies may be fraud lying in wait for the customer desperate to lose weight. Below are some of the features that will inform you that your selected Garcinia Cambogia is not a scam and also safe to use.

1. The level of HCA in the product needs to be between 50% and 60%. Hydroxycitric Acid is the active ingredient in the product which is responsible for weight loss. It works by suppressing your appetite, keeping you in a good mood so that you do not resort to emotional eating and even blocking the formation of fats by the body.

2. The product should be 100% natural. The ingredients all need to have been gotten from the Garcinia Cambogia fruit which grows in parts of Asia and North Africa. When you get a product whose purity is questionable, do not use it. It might contain ingredients which may work to your detriment. There are some companies which add caffeine to the product to make it boost metabolism yet this may not be agreeable to some users.

3. It should not contain fillers, preservatives or even binders. These will definitely reduce the amount of HCA contained in the product which may lower its effectiveness. More: www.mmagospel.com/garcinia-cambogia-side-effects…

4. The company that manufactures the product needs to be reputable and duly registered with the right bodies in their respective countries. This can be difficult to ascertain. However, the advantage of knowing this is that you will get to use a product that is safe.

5. Properly packaged and labelled. Even though some scam companies manage to package their products pretty well, this is an aspect that can still help you discern whether or not a product is genuine. A company whose packaging does not include an airtight container may not be overly concerned about the risk of contamination of its products.

Garcinia Cambogia is very effective in helping people attain their weight loss goals. However, the truth is that when you do not choose a good product, you may end up nursing unexpected side effects rather than the safe weight loss you bargained for. Go for a quality product from a reputable company to be on the safe side.

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